Simon came on board as interim FD in September 2019 following the departure of our longstanding FD. Despite not having the opportunity to obtain a handover from his predecessor he got up to speed with our systems incredibly quickly and in a very short space of time he had identified a large number of legacy issues which needed to be dealt with. Despite some of these being onerous and time consuming to put right he managed them all with ease and put procedures in place to ensure that we were fully compliant moving forward. Having Simon on board while managing the Covid19 crisis has been invaluable to our business. His efforts working with myself and the other MD’s on cost cutting exercises, ensuring that all offices we were all over credit control and his assistance implementing the government furlough and Job keeper schemes in the UK, Australia and the United States have helped put us in a great position to weather the storm. Simon is great to work with, popular with his team and manages to tread the fine line between being fun to work with and professional at the same time. I look forward to continuing to work with him all be it on a reduced basis as he helped us recruit a full-time replacement. I would highly recommend him.

Lindsay Urquhart

Founder - Bespoke Careers

Simon is a client facing individual who I had the pleasure of working with for two years. As well as being an excellent Finance Director within the company, Simon was a figure head who you would visit at times when advice was needed. Experienced, articulate and knowledgeable, he was an seasoned set of hands during our time together. Simon is an articulate gentleman, whilst his leadership skills in running the team proved that he had the gravitas and depth to run a well drilled unit.

Richard Walton

Director and Founder - RGW Recruitment

Simon came on board as interim FD in early Oct 2018, when the company was about to kick-off its budgeting process. Simon added value from day 1: he fully immersed himself into the process, managing the process end-to-end - Simon rolled up his sleeves and had full ownership. Additionally, Simon managed a team of 12 FTE on both tactical as well as strategic finance matters. Simon brings along a rather unique skill-set: analytical rigour, attention to detail while never losing sight of the big picture. He immediately became the "business partner" and sounding board I had needed while further building the team. He was extremely well perceived across our stakeholders: colleagues within the head office, in our 80 sites, our head office and our shareholders. Besides a water-proof budget, Simon identified several low hanging fruits that generated a six/figure run-rate in cost savings as well as leading several projects (such as identifying the right partner for an HR and payroll system). I am looking forward to working with Simon again in the future, an authentic, talented and FUN individual to work with.

Philip Buergin

CEO Colosseum Dental UK Ltd

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