Practical Finance

Director resourcing


Key Performance Indicators: By working closely with you, we can help to identify and develop the key drivers for your business, both financial and operational. We can train your staff to report them on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Cash planning / budgeting / forecasting: The essential tools needed by your business to meet its strategic goals in the short, medium and long term.


Financing: Funding is the key to both survival and future growth so we ensure your business is financed in the most efficient manner. We have a wealth of experience in cash management and can help you navigate through the various sources of finance including, invoice factoring / invoice discounting, loans and overdrafts and crowdfunding.

Commission and Bonus Schemes: We can give advice on developing schemes for all levels of the business to ensure a motivated and focussed workforce, whilst ensuring your business maintains profitable growth.

Knowledge Transfer: If your finance team is currently outsourced and you wish to bring these skills in-house in the future, we will up-skill you and your leadership team in financial management to ensure you are in a position to manage this transfer effectively.

Systems Implementation: If your business needs resources to manage a system implementation, we can help by project managing the implementation on your behalf whilst ensuring that key staff are trained in preperation for a go-live date.

Key assets - Staffing: We can assist with the recruitment of key personnel and help in setting up processes and procedures.


Tax: To ensure that in your day to day business you are operating in the most tax efficient manner, we can introduce you to a wide network of tax partners.

Exit Strategies: Maximising shareholder value through the development of exit strategies is key and we can introduce you to solicitors, accountants and finance advisors who are all specialists in this field.

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